Assemblage at AAA is a durational performance organised and activated by Floating Projects, a Hong Kong–based art collective that explores issues of space, experimentation, collaboration, and interdisciplinarity.

In the performance, Floating Projects members and friends create improvised installations and actions using found and discarded everyday objects from AAA’s Library, office, and the neighbourhood, as well as from the collective’s own amassing. As they transform these materials, the live presence of the members will enact a dialogue with the library space, inviting a consideration of libraries as sites for ideas, resources, and circulation. The performance investigates the principle of “collective co-individuation,” which allows each participant to perform their own actions and routines to create a space that encourages sharing and exchange.

This performance builds on Floating Projects’ Assemblage + Spatial Pressure Calibration, a series of performances that began in 2015 at the collective’s previous space in Wong Chuk Hang. The fifth issue of D-Normal/V-Essay, an online video zine launched by Floating Projects in 2020 as a platform for exchange and community-building, is dedicated to this particular series.

Assemblage at AAA is part of The Collective School, which explores artist-driven and collective models of learning. Developed in collaboration with Gudskul, a Jakarta-based collective that runs a grassroots school for other collectives, The Collective School provokes debate about what makes collectivity necessary for survival today and how collectives remain adaptive and relevant to their respective contexts.

Observers are welcome to walk-in anytime throughout the duration of the performance.

Assemblage Players (Floating Projects and friends):

John CHOW 周皓風

WONG Chun-hoi 王鎮海

WONG Fuk-kuen 黃福權

Linda Chiu-han LAI 黎肖嫻

LAI Chung-man Andio 黎仲民

Michael LEUNG 梁志剛

Kel LOK 駱敏聰

Samson CHEUNG Choi-sang 張才生

YAN Wai-yin 忻慧妍

YIP Kai-chun 葉啟俊

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Floating Projects is an art production site for collaborative-individuated art experiments based on an interdisciplinary and inter-media principle. It was founded in 2010 and re-envisioned in 2015 by the artist and academic Linda C. H. Lai and twelve other emerging artists. Floating Projects occupied a 170m2 space in Wong Chuk Hang’s industrial area to answer the following questions: What can artists do with an empty unit in an industrial building with institutional and physical constraints, and how do artists survive beyond the commercial gallery system and a public funding–dependent charity model? In 2018, Floating Projects Collective moved to a newly repurposed industrial building in Shek Kip Mei’s JCCAC to drive a new phase, “FP 2.0,” which remains a site of collaborative-individuated art experiments pursuing an interdisciplinary and inter-media principle.

The Collective School is generously supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, as well as Wendy Lee & Stephen Li, and Virginia & Wellington Yee.

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Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.

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