Facilitated by Hong Kong–based printmaking collective Printhow, this hands-on workshop explores how printmaking acts as a medium of collaborative creation.  

In this workshop, Printhow guides participants to create print postcards about people or places they miss, touching upon growing sentiment towards loss and separation experienced in recent years in Hong Kong. Printhow introduces basic linocut techniques and assists participants to create their own prints. The workshop investigates how printmaking can act as a medium to document collective effort, encourage self-expression, and build emotional solidarity. 

This event is part of The Collective School, which explores artist-driven and collective models of learning. Developed in collaboration with Gudskul, a Jakarta-based collective that runs a grassroots school for other collectives, The Collective School provokes debate about what makes collectivity necessary for survival today and how collectives remain adaptive and relevant to their respective contexts. 

This workshop will take place at CCG Library, Asia Art Archive.

The workshop is limited to fifteen people on a first-come, first-served basis. Free and open to the public with registration.
Materials will be provided, and no prior knowledge regarding printmaking is required.  

Please note that this workshop will involve handling sharp art utensils. 

Participants will be asked to prepare an A6-sized sketch in advance.  

Printmaking workshop conducted by Printhow. Courtesy of Printhow.
Printmaking workshop conducted by Printhow. Courtesy of Printhow.

Printhow is a Hong Kong–based collective that engages people with printmaking through easily accessible materials and techniques, advocating the philosophy of “doing it together” with communities and friends for the pursuit of a better life. Recent projects include Initial P: Works from Printhow Exhibition (Black Window, 2022); Communal Work – Collective Carving as Form (TheCube Project Space, 2022); Carving Reality – Contemporary Woodcut Exchange Exhibition from East Asia (The Back Room, 2020); Hong Kong Queer Literary and Cultural Festival (2019); Migrants’ Pride (Hong Kong, 2017–19); and One Billion Rising Revolution Hong Kong (2017–18). 

The Collective School is generously supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, as well as Wendy Lee & Stephen Li, and Virginia & Wellington Yee.

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Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.