How can we use archival resources of contemporary art for contextual study? How do artists activate an archive for their creative practice, and how can we find creative teaching ideas through the resources in an archive? 

Asia Art Archive (AAA) is taking pre-service teachers and art educators on a learning journey using our online Research Collections as a point of departure to explore different regions and artistic practices in Asia.

Organised in conjunction with the exhibition Portals, Stories, and Other Journey, the programme offers an interactive guided tour for participants. Later, in a hands-on workshop, Lam Wing Sze, one of the participating artists of the exhibition, will share her creative process inspired by the Ha Bik Chuen Archive. The artist will share different approaches to exploring archives, as well as her insights into how one can find inspiration from a wide range of archival resources, and will respond to the archive through her personal and artistic interests.

Through exploring AAA’s Research Collections and teaching resources, the workshop offers participants ways to use AAA as a platform for the study of art histories in Hong Kong and other regions in Asia. The aim is to inspire innovative teaching methodologies that enhance students’ self-learning abilities and creativity in their artistic practices. This approach corresponds with the objectives set out in the Senior Secondary Visual Arts curriculum in Hong Kong.

The programme is offered to pre-service teachers (year four or five students at Bachelor of Education degrees, PGDE students, fresh graduates, and others). Participants are invited to join our teacher community, where they learn alongside each other and develop confidence in teaching contemporary art in their classrooms.

Free with registration. If you would like to join, please register here.  


Lam Wing Sze, artist 


Tai Kwun Contemporary
A Space, Asia Art Archive 


Thursday, 22 July 2021 

The programme is part of the Teaching Labs series, AAA’s professional development programme designed for educators. A certificate will be given to participants upon request as proof of Teacher Continuing Professional Development.

Image: Remaking a page from the collage book titled <i>Modern: Masters of the 20th Century Interior</i> in the Ha Bik Chuen Archive, 2021. Courtesy of Lam Wing Sze.
Image: Remaking a page from the collage book titled Modern: Masters of the 20th Century Interior in the Ha Bik Chuen Archive, 2021. Courtesy of Lam Wing Sze.
Image: Cardboards in various shapes from the Ha Bik Chuen Archive, 2021. Courtesy of Lam Wing Sze.
Image: Cardboards in various shapes from the Ha Bik Chuen Archive, 2021. Courtesy of Lam Wing Sze.

Lam Wing Sze is a video artist living and working in Hong Kong. She received her BA from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, in 2015. Lam’s image narratives are often composed of scenes and situations she encounters by chance, but also those that she both anticipates and manipulates. For Lam, the camera is an extension of her senses that helps her capture a particular space and time. Her role as an image-maker is to create a situation that gives the audience a viewing experience, open up a conversation with that which was captured, and create new meaning. Lam looks at scenery in the city and inverts daily observations into moving images that depict the perception and reflection of seeing.

AAA Learning & Participation

Established in 2009, AAA’s Learning & Participation team has been shaping art and education in Hong Kong by offering programmes and online resources for teachers’ professional development. It strives to address the regional lack of contemporary art materials in education, and has been working closely with teachers and artists to explore the role and possibility of art in twenty-first century education.


The AAA Learning & Participation programme is supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited and C. K. and Kay Ho Foundation.


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