This section comprises materials related to 5 events that were organised by Francesca Del Lago from 1990-1993, including ’Recent Works: Art Show by Zhang Peili & Geng Jianyi Since 1991’, and ‘Passage to the East’ (1993 Venice Biennale). Also included here are photographs, small catalogues and ephemeras from various events from 1980s-2000s.
Approximate total: over 800 records.

茀蘭在1990-1993間所策劃的五個展覽的資料,包括《最近的工作:張培力及耿建羿1991年的藝術展示》和第45屆威尼斯雙年展-「東方之路」(1993年)。 此部分也包括在1980-2000年期間舉行的展覽的有關照片,展覽小冊子和宣傳單張。


5 案卷, 32 檔案