'These essays explore cosmopolitanism in postwar Chinese literary culture—from the Hong Kong identity, and intellectuals like Eileen Chang, Gao Xingjian, and Lung Yingtai, to other cultural streams represented by writers ranging from Oe to Kafka.' - from distributor's website.
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Chapter headings
Chapter 1. In Search of a Hong Kong Mythology
Hong Kong since the Handover: the road to boredom
The Hong Kong Book Fair: a comment and a fantasy
A survey of books about Hong Kong history
Hong Kong through “The Painted Veil”: W. Somerset Maugham
At the gate of “Natural Creation” : 董啟章 (Dung Kai-cheung)
A Citiology of Paradise: lost or found? : 潘國靈 (Lawrence Pun Kwok-ling)
A date with history: 施叔青 ( Shih Shu-ching)
First we eat: 也斯 (Ya Si)
Myth and the city: Shanghai and Hong Kong’s city magazines
Chapter 2. Chinese Cosmopolitans
An epic of banality: 哈金 (Ha Jin)
The happy exile: 高行健 ( Gao Xingjian)
Lust, Caution: vision and revision Spying on The Spyring: The Spyring by 張愛玲 (Eileen Chang)
Her English problem : The Fall of the Pagoda by 張愛玲 (Eileen Chang)
Eileen Chang’s new fiction about Hong Kong: The Book of Change
The nobility of losing: 龍應台 (Lung Yingtai) and 齊邦媛 (Chi Pang Yuan)
Chapter 3. Reading the World
Confessions of a bookworm
Franz Kafka: a fabulist for our time
André Malraux’s novel Man’s Fate: a contemporary reflection
Our Nineteen Eighty-Four. some post-1984 thoughts on George Orwell
Obama as writer
A Voice that refused to be silenced: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Always too late: Kenzaburo Oe
Just like the movies: Haruki Murakami
Phantom country: the many conflicting claims about India
Walk with me: writers who make good travel companions
Learning to be human again: books that teach us about who we are
Chapter 4. Reflections on My Column-Writing
My new career as a bilingual columnist
Hong Kong’s columnists and cultural critics: a personal testimony
Hong Kong’s columnists and cultural critics: a reply and elaboration
Musings: Reading Hong Kong, China and the World
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Musings: Reading Hong Kong, China and the World