'Keepers of the Waters (Chengdu)’ is a series of art events directed by Betsy Damon that took place along the Funan River (part of Jin River) in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China, from 29 July—14 August, 1995. With the assistance of artist Dai Guangyu and anthropologist Zhu Xiaofeng, a group of artists from Beijing, Chengdu, Tibet, and the United States were brought together to raise awareness about water protection through installation and performance artworks. In 1998, as a result of ‘Keepers of the Waters (Chengdu)’, an inner city ecological park focused on water purification, entitled Living Water Garden, was completed.

‘Keepers of the Waters’ takes its name from a non-profit organisation founded in 1991 by Betsy Damon, an US-based environmental artist/activist. This non-profit organisation assists communities to restore, preserve, and create living water systems in urban environments.