On 9 November 2013, Asia Art Archive and Hong Kong Museum of Art jointly present a day of panel discussions that mark the soft launch of Hong Kong Art History Research Pilot Project, the beginning of a long-term endeavour to develop a publicly available resource platform to support art historical research. It also aims to develop a framework for building a richer contextual picture of Hong Kong’s art ecology in the 1960s and 70s. In addition to conducting a new series of professionally documented interviews that include multiple voices and perspectives, this pilot project makes available a selection of materials from Hong Kong Museum of Art’s archive, Asia Art Archive’s collection, and valuable personal collections.

This panel invites speakers from different disciplines - from cinema to sociology, literature, and exhibition making - to share approaches and insights. It explores how art history in Hong Kong can be informed by the efforts of other disciplines.

WONG Ain Ling, Film Critic and researcher
LUI Tai-lok, Head of Department of Sociology, University of Hong Kong
Oscar HO Hing-kay, Professional Consultant of Cultural and Religious Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong
CHAN Chi-tak, Assistant Professor, Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, Hong Kong Institute of Education
KOON Yeewan, Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of Hong Kong

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Ru He Ba Xiang Gang Yi Shu Shi Fen Qi

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Periodisation of Art in Hong Kong, 如何把香港藝術史分期?