Children’s Playground (Set of 3 Photographs)
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The angle and scene remain unchanged throughout the video. A video recorded in PAL mode in a classroom at Hangzhou University of Art and Design with Li Jian, one of the art teachers, as the cameraman, captures a person bathing a live chicken with soap and water for 150 minutes until the video tape runs out. The video is then edited down to 24 minutes 45 seconds with the sound removed.

Please refer to Artistic Working Manual of Zhang Peili, Lingnan Meishu Chubanshe, Guangzhou, 2008, p 152 for further information.

Length of video: 24 minutes 45 seconds

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Video installation with 10 channels, 10 screens

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Children’s Playground (Set of 3 Photographs), 兒童樂園(3張照片)

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