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This interview was conducted at Asia Art Archive on 28 May 2007.


Chen Shaoxiong (b. 1962, Shantou, Guangdong Province) is an artist living and working in Guangzhou and Beijing.

Chen graduated from the Department of Printmaking at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. As a member of the Southern Artists Salon, Chen helped organize the first ‘Experimental Show of the Southern Artists Salon’ at the Student Centre of Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou (1986–1987).

In 1990, Chen participated in the Big-Tail Elephant Group along with other initial members including Lin Yilin, Liang Juhui and Xu Tan. Later, Chen became a frequent participant in exhibitions worldwide, including ‘Cities on the Move’ (Vienna, Bordeaux, Long Island New York, Denmark, London, Bangkok, Helsinki, 1997–1999), the first and second Guangzhou Triennials (2002, 2005), the Shanghai Biennale (2002), the Gwangju Biennale (South Korea, 2002) and ‘Z.O.U. – Zone of Urgency’ at the 50th Venice Biennale (2003).

In recent years, Chen Shaoxiong has presented several solo exhibitions, such as ‘Anti-C.S.X.’ (Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou, 2003), ‘Let’s See Who’s Lucky’ (BizArt Art Centre, Shanghai, 2006) and ‘Visible and Invisible, Known and Unknown’ (Universal Studios, Beijing, 2007).

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陳劭雄,藝術家,1962 生於廣東汕頭,現活躍於廣州及北京。

1984年,陳劭雄畢業於廣州美術學院版畫系。1986—1987年間,陳劭雄為南方藝術家沙龍的成員,曾在廣州中山大學學生活動中心舉辦《南方藝術家沙龍第一回實驗展》。1990年,陳劭雄與林一林、梁钜輝組成 「大尾象工作組」。此後積極參加各國的展覽,包括:《移動中的城市》(1997-1999,維也納,波爾多,紐約長島,丹麥,倫敦,曼谷,赫爾辛基);第一屆《廣州三年展》(2002)、第二屆《廣州三年展》(2005);第四屆《上海雙年展》(2002);《2002 光州雙年展》(2002);第50屆《威尼斯雙年展》(2003)等。

近年,陳劭雄舉辦了多次個展,包括︰《反—陳劭雄》(2003,廣州維他命創意空間)、《看誰運氣好》(2006,上海比翼藝術空間)、《看見的和看不見的,知道的和不知道的》(2007,北京Universal Studios)等等。



In 2006, Asia Art Archive began a focused archiving project called 'Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990'. This project aimed at developing a comprehensive collection of primary research materials including books, periodicals, newspapers, exhibition brochures, invitations, video recordings, correspondence, and other relevant documents.

As part of this project, AAA digitised more than 80,000 items of material from personal archives to include artists Mao Xuhui, Wu Shanzhuan, Zhang Xiaogang, and Zhang Peili; curators and critics Fei Dawei, Lu Peng, and Zheng Shengtian; as well as the archives of Tokyo Art Gallery. As part of the research process over 75 in-depth interviews with key artists, curators, and critics were conducted. From a portion of these interviews, AAA created a documentary film about experimental art in South China (Guangzhou) in the 1980s entitled From Jean-Paul Sartre to Teresa Teng: Contemporary Cantonese Art in the 1980s.

AAA’s 1980s archiving project culminated with the launch of a comprehensive website portal called www.china1980s.org in September 2010.

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