Chabet: The Man, The Art, The Movement

Review of Roberto Chabet's solo exhibition, 'Cargo and Decoy,' titled 'Chabet: The Man, The Art, The Movement,' written by Carlo Tadiar and published in Manila Chronicle on 14 November 1989.

'Cargo and Decoy' is the closing exhibition of The Pinaglabanan Galleries from 10 November to 17 December 1989. In 'Cargo and Decoy,' Chabet refers to the South Pacific cargo cults from which the title of the work is derived. It is the last of a trilogy of works, which began with Russian Paintings in 1984 and House Paintings in 1986. In these works, Chabet utilises his signature material – store-bought plywood boards. 'It is a material which has become not only the surface and support of his paintings, but to a large extent its subject matter and content.'

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Chabet: The Man, The Art, The Movement