Works Presented at Sunsets and Other Vanishing Acts

Bert Antonio's paintings in the exhibition 'Sunsets and Other Vanishing Acts,' curated by Roberto Chabet at The Pinaglabanan Galleries from 15 September to 29 October 1989. Both works are created in the Philippines, 1989.

'Sunsets and Other Vanishing Acts' is a prelude to the closing of Pinaglabanan Galleries in 1989. The exhibition features paintings, sculptures, installations, and constructions by Ronald Achacoso, Bert Antonio, Agnes Arellano, Francesca Enriquez, Nilo Ilarde, Yolanda Laudico, Pardo de Leon, Raul Rodriguez, and Gerardo Tan.

Chabet wrote, 'The nine artists have enlivened the Philippine art scene with their aggressive, ambitious, innovative, and, in spite of youth, masterful art-making. Their works in the exhibition were done specifically for the walls and spaces of Pinaglabanan Galleries and their installation has been planned to offer the gallery visitor a varying sequence of views of the works interacting with each other.

The stylistic approaches in the exhibition range from the expressionistic figuration of Achacoso and de Leon to the austere minimalism of Tan and Antonio; from the gestural abstraction of Enriquez to the dead-pan literal materiality of Laudico and Ilarde; from the primal symbolism of Arellano-Adams to the modern day enigmas of Rodriguez.

Of the title, besides being a 'tag', alludes to the magical, sleight-of-hand/sleight-of-mind aspect of art, and is also meant as a fond valedictory for the Pinaglabanan Galleries which is observing its fifth and final year.'

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Works Presented at Sunsets and Other Vanishing Acts