Chabet: The Exploitation of the Obvious

Review of Roberto Chabet's 'Other Dutch Paintings/ Still Other Dutch Paintings' titled 'Chabet: the exploitation of the obvious' written by Jolicco Cuadra and published in Sunday Chronicle on 29 October 1995. The simultaneous exhibitions were held at Finale Art Gallery and West Gallery in SM Megamall in 1995.

Chabet wrote in the press release, 'The two exhibitions complete a trilogy of works that began with 'Dutch and Other Paintings' which was seen at West Gallery in 1989. The current works take an end-of-the-century glance at one of the wellsprings of modern painting - Mondrian, De Stijl, and the Dutch vanguard painting of the early 20th century.'

'The cycle of works explores the measure and metaphor of distance and otherness caught in the vagaries of geography, time, memory, history, and culture.'

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Chabet: The Exploitation of the Obvious