300 Drawings (Set of 11 Exhibition Views)

Views of Roberto Chabet's solo exhibition '300 Drawings' at Big Sky Mind from 25 October - 12 November 1999.

'300 Drawings' is the inaugural exhibition of Big Sky Mind. It includes over 300 ballpoint pen drawings and collages arranged on a grid on the gallery's walls.

From the exhibition notes written by Roberto Chabet:

Lines on Drawing

Drawing is a dot.
Drawing is another dot.
Drawing is one dot drawn to the other.
Drawing is a dot, a dash.
Drawing is a line.
Drawing is distance, measure.
Drawing delineates, demarcates, delimits.
Drawing is a line closing, enclosing,
Drawing is a line disclosing shapes.
Drawing shapes spaces, spaces, shapes.
Drawing is interval, gaps.
Drawing is time.
Drawing is space between the shapes of now, and of then, and of when.
Drawing is a moment, and another moment, and other moments.
Drawing is a constellation of moments,
Circular, elliptical, spiralling,
Concentric, eccentric,
Random, haphazard, accidental.
Drawing is interval, gaps.
Drawing crosses over, falls into, fills gaps. 
Drawing skips, shifts, slips, slides, slithers.
Drawing figures, is figured.
Drawing pulls, pushes, tugs, drags.
Drawing is friction, gravity.
Earth draws, is drawn, draws maps.
Sun draws, draws shadows, photos.
Moon draws tides.
Stars draw mishaps, draw dreams, night creatures,
Crabs, goat, scorpions, twins, virgins.
Drawing feels, touches.
Fingers draw.
Hand draws.
The eyes draws,
Draws the hand to draw.
The mind draws,
Draws the eye
To draw the hand
To draw the mind
To draw.
Drawing traces,
Erases gaps between hand, eye, mind.
Drawing thinks, thinks drawing.
Drawing is a word,
Written is drawn,
Is drawing,
Spoken utters.
Drawing is verb.
Drawing sits, lies, stands still, walks,
Contemplating, meditating, unthinking
Sitting, lying, standing still, walking.
Drawing is pulse.
Drawing is breath.
Drawing is breath drawn.
Drawing is breath withdrawn.
Drawing is breath redrawn.
Drawing is change.
Drawing is chance.
Drawing folds,
Drawing enfolds,
Drawing, like an exquisite corpse,

- R.C.

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300 Drawings — Exhibition Views (Set of 11 Photographs)