Two Paintings: Bungled, Symptomatic and Chance Actions (Exhibition view)

Photograph of Roberto Chabet's Two Paintings: Bungled, Symptomatic and Chance Actions at Finale Art Gallery. The work is part of the two simultaneous exhibitions at Finale and West galleries in SM Megamall from 29 March - 10 April 2003.

The installation at Finale is composed of black plywood panels, over a hundred broken alarm clocks, a wooden drawing bench, and an upturned wooden dug-out boat on a stepladder, all painted black.

The West installation includes black plywood panels, two upturned aluminum ladders also painted black on top of a plywood shelf with wooden alphabet blocks that spell 'People of the Republic Versus Painting', clipboards with sheets of dark glass, and a box framed Spanish grammar book and metal angle ruler.

Chabet wrote that the title of the exhibition refers to 'what Sigmund Freud called lapses of memory, the slips of the tongue and the little absent-minded, seemingly illogical acts that beset our normal day-to-day routine. (The) works suggest that, as in everyday life, these psychic circuits occur in the experience of art, when rational understanding falters, meaning slips, and the unexpected - the magical - slips in.'

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Roberto CHABET


Roberto CHABET

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Two Paintings: Bungled, Symptomatic and Chance Actions (Exhibition view)