Towards 1,001 Isthmuses

An article on Roberto Chabet's installation Towards 1001 Isthmuses written by Cocoy Lumbao. The work was exhibited under the same title at MO_Space from 24 November to 31 December 2012.

'Inside the gallery is a work of a present-day master that deals with the commonplace: There are two sets of objects—nylon ropes and mirrors. The nylon ropes are hung from the ceiling, where each falls freely to a corresponding tile of mirror below, occupying the whole space with more than a hundred pairs of this combination, and are aligned into a grid.

Although their repetition flows like a mantra that constitutes the whole view as a body of prayer, each pairing holds like a tessera, unique in the way how each thread forms its dive to the bottom, and each mirror becomes a tablet that reflects the different, accidental formations, its own signature.

The mirror allows us to have a glimpse of the infinite, as the rope is stretched out to connect with itself, looped back to its origin. As we look down, we may find art's hidden order: that everything is connected—and simply in their being, is the connection itself.'

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Roberto CHABET



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Towards 1,001 Isthmuses