This folder contains full unedited version of the audio interview with Salima Hashmi by AAA project researcher Samina Iqbal, alongside the interview transcript. The interview took place on 22 May 2017. 

Salima Hashmi begins with her birth in pre-partition India and talks about being raised in a culturally rich and diverse environment when her father, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army. After the family moves to Lahore in 1947, her father shifted from being a military man and instead became the editor of the Pakistan Times and Imroze, which led to the artistic and literary influences on Hashmi. Hashmi recounts her childhood impressions of the partition, the family’s move to Lahore, and the power and ideology changes at the beginning of the newly independent nation-state. To Hashmi, this was also a time when she was surrounded personally by the intellectuals, writers, and poets of the time. Her father was also arrested for political reasons in 1951.


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