This folder contains full unedited version of the audio interview with Salima Hashmi by AAA project researcher Samina Iqbal, alongside the interview transcript. The interview took place on 24 May 2017. 

The conversation with Salima Hashmi continues in the early 1970s after the elections when the political undercurrents and increased discontentment in East Pakistan eventually causes the war of 1971. The NCA was also a victim of these political upheavals; both the faculty and students retaliate against the absorption of the college within the Punjab University. Despite the instability, the 1970s were a time of musical and theatrical revival as well as an increased experimentation in the visual arts. The art community continued to push artistic boundaries until the arrival of Zia in 1977 which effectively dampened all liberal views and expression. It was a time when state-sponsored Islamisation, censorship, and suppression were looming over the community. Hashmi talks about the sanctions imposed on Pakistani art and culture as well as the resistance against them, especially by women artists. Hashmi also elaborates on the Women’s Manifesto that she had drafted with several other women artists.


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