This folder contains full unedited version of the audio interview with Salima Hashmi by AAA project researcher Samina Iqbal, alongside the interview transcript. The interview took place on 25 May 2017. 

Salima Hashmi discusses the impact of Zia’s regressive regime on the national psyche as well as how she and a few other individuals struggled to counter it through their teaching and their stance despite the pressure and threats they receive. Hashmi describes how the experience influenced both her work and the work of other fellow artists—those who gave into the sanctions and those who resisted. Finally, Hashmi talks about how the Pakistani art scene responded to the international art world at the turn of the century. She discusses about the lack of galleries and the inadequacy of communication at a local level, the commodification of art and art markets, the competition in the quest of overnight success, and the limitations of access to art.


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