An Installation with a Mask

A mask painted on woven bamboo basket with features of Chinese characters. Mai Chi Thanh created many masks which artistic style inclined towards abstraction. A half-Chinese himself, Mai Chi Thanh learned Chinese language and was especially fascinated by the beauty of Chinese characters which he often incorporated into his mask designs.

In the early 1990s, Vu Dan Tan taught various people to produce masks, including his nephew and assistant Mai Chi Thanh, Natasha Kraevskaia, and some children in his extended family. They would first copy Vu Dan Tan’s designs and create new images on their own. Some works by Mai Chi Thanh, Natasha Kraevskaia, and Mai Thuy Ngoc, were exhibited and sold in the Salon for fundraising purpose.

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MAI Chi Thanh

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Early 1990s

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Gouache on a woven bamboo basket

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An Installation with a Mask