Study of Vu Dan Tan's Painting by Duong Hoang Anh

A study of Vu Dan Tan's abstract painting by Duong Hoang Anh, Tan's young relative. He made this work at Tan's workshop in early 1990s.

At the workshop, children would be asked to make painting studies to develop their basic painting skills, before they create their own works based on the motifs in the originals they emulated. One of the references they drew from were works by Tan himself, mainly the abstract paintings that were produced in late 1980s to early 1990s.

Apart from producing his own arts, Vu Dan Tan devoted his time in art education as well, sharing his artistic skills with the younger generation. In the early 1990s, he organised workshops in Salon Natasha for children, teaching them to paint, to make masks, and to communicate through drawings. Children who participated in the workshop were mostly relatives or neighbours of Tan.

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VU Dan Tan

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Early 1990s

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Gouache on paper

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Study of Vu Dan Tan's Painting by Duong Hoang Anh