Original interview with Wahab Jaffer conducted by Hammad Nasar, AAA Head of Research and Programmes, in Karachi, Pakistan, on 26 January 2015.

In conversation with Nasar, Jaffer weaves prominent figures in the art circle — including Ali Imam (20:07-29:33), Francis Newton Souza (32:13-45:39), Ahmed Parvez (45:40-0:59:32), Sadequain (0:59:33-1:17:13) and others (1:21:31-1:37:32; 1:46:11-1:55:07) — with his own art practices throughout his long career. While the self-titled 'collector-artist-businessman' enjoyed art at a young age, it was his firsthand interaction with artists that sparked his interest in acquiring works (0:00-20:06). In terms of his own paintings, Jaffer especially credits Parvez's role as an influential colourist and teacher (29:34-32:12). On the other hand, his 'archival instinct' can be traced back to his father's news-cutting habits, as well as other publications he discovered in the past (1:17:14-1:21:30). Although Jaffer aspires to build an accessible museum collection, he laments that current interest in original Pakistani artwork is weak (1:37:33-1:46:10). He goes on to stress the importance of well-represented art shows (1:55:08-1:57:20), and invites Nasar to see his antiques collection upon his next visit.

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Interview with Wahab Jaffer, 26 January 2015