Children’s Playground (Exhibition View)

10 videos were set to capture the actions and sounds of an electric toy (penguins climbing up stairs) from various angles at the same time. 3 penguins in different colours walk up the stairs one by one; when a penguin reaches the highest step in the staircase, it then drops onto a roller-coaster track, which brings it back to the beginning to restart the stair-climbing action. The 10 videos are displayed on 10 TV screens placed at equal distance inside a circular area in the venue facing various directions, with wires and DVD players casually placed between the TV screens. The sound from each TV is set to a medium to high level, overlapping with each other to create a chaotic sound effect.

Please refer to Artistic Working Manual of Zhang Peili, Lingnan Meishu Chubanshe, Guangzhou, 2008, p 156 for more information.

Length of video: 24 minutes

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Er Tong Le Yuan (Zhan Lan Xian Chang)

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video art

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Video installation with 10 channels, 10 screens

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artwork documentation

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Children’s Playground (Exhibition View), 兒童樂園 (展覽現場)