Happiness (Set of 4 Screenshots)

2 sets of video clips taken from the mid-1970s film, In The Shipyard, are used in the installation: one of the videos features scenes of the male protagonist giving a speech, the other video shows groups of workers passionately clapping. The 2 videos are projected onto walls or screens set up in an L shape. When the speech stops on one screen, there is clapping on the other screen.

Please refer to Artistic Working Manual of Zhang Peili, Lingnan Meishu Chubanshe, Guangzhou, 2008, p 308 for more information.

Length of video: 6 minutes 39 seconds

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Xi Yue (4 Zhang Jie Tu)

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video art

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Video installation with 2-channel video projection

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artwork documentation

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Happiness (Set of 4 Screenshots), 喜悦 (4張截圖)