Scenery Outside the Window (Set of 3 Projected Images)

A video capturing actual views looking outside of the window at the exhibition site, which shows the street view in various weather conditions, including misty, strong wind, lightning, rain, and sunshine, is projected on the wall opposite to the window being captured, displaying an illusion of a second window in the room. The various weather conditions are edited smoothly in the video with sound effects of strong wind, lightning, and rain as is needed to match the images.
The three images in this record captured the video projection of the work.

Please refer to Artistic Working Manual of Zhang Peili, Lingnan Meishu Chubanshe, Guangzhou, 2008, p 316 for more information.

Length of video: 6 minutes 43 seconds

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Chuang Wai De Feng Jing (3 Zhang Tou Ying Ying Xiang)

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video art

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Single channel video projection

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artwork documentation

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Scenery Outside the Window (Set of 3 Projected Images), 窗外的風景 (3張投影影像)