This folder contains administrative documentation, constitutional documents, catalogues, clippings, photographs, and exhibition price lists of early fine arts societies in Pakistan, dated between 1948 and 1965. These societies include the Karachi Fine Arts Society (later known as the Karachi Arts Council and the Arts Council of Pakistan), the Lahore Fine Art Society, and the Pakistan Arts Council Dacca (Dhaka; then part of East Pakistan, now part of Bangladesh).

Agha had been closely involved with the formation of the societies either as a board member, an officer, or a participant. She was the founding member of the Arts Council, Karachi; Member of the Board of Governors of the Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad; Member of the Board of Governors of the National College of Arts, Lahore; Member of the Central Board of Film Censors; Member of the Board of Directors; Executive Director on the committee that set forward the motion for the National Art Gallery (NAG) Pakistan; and the Executive Director of the Society of Contemporary Art Rawalpindi.


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