Catalogue published in conjunction with 'Social Factory: The 10th Shanghai Biennale', took place in the Shanghai Power Station of Art, 23 November 2014 - 31 March 2015. The 10th Biennale explores questions surround the concept of the 'social'; its construction and re-construction, , its process of creation, and its impacts.

'In modernity, this ambiguity of the social, and the possibility to plan and engineer society that hinges on it, has been a matter of ongoing contestation. Bureaucratic procedures, surveys, statistics, and concepts of identity have variously sought to reduce the complexity of the "social hieroglyph" (James C. Scott), in order to separate the meaningful from the meaningless or legible "signals" from "noise". Drawing on both contemporary and historical works, as well as music and cinema, the 10th Shanghai Biennale presents artworks that call such separation, and its historical productivity, into question.' — from back cover.

Includes also colour plates of works and artists' biographies.

Please note only Asian artists are listed below.
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Di shi jie shang hai shuang nian zhan: she hui gong chang

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Social Factory: The 10th Shanghai Biennale / 社會工廠: 第十屆上海雙年展 - Anselm FRANKE
In Conversation: Manray Hsu with Freya Chou, Cosmin Costinas and Anselm Franke / 三位策展人對談 - HSU Manray, 徐文瑞
Noise to Signal, or why a soft signal can be loud / 從噪音到信號 — 微弱的信號為甚麼可以響亮 - Nicholas BUSSMANN
The Laundromat by the Sea / 海邊的洗衣店 - YAN Jun, 顏峻
Examining the Footnotes of History: Notes on the Social Factory / 檢驗歷史的腳本: 關於社會工廠的札記 - LIU Xiao, 劉瀟
In Conversation: Shaina Anand with Zhou Xin / CAMP 工作室 — 夏娜 . 阿南德訪問 - ZHOU Xin, 周昕
Chinese Independent Film from a Modernist Perspective / 現代性視野中的獨立影像 - ZHANG Yaxuan, 張亞璇
The Power of Narrating and the Politics of Listening in Ko Sakai and Ryusuke Hamaguchi's Tohoku Documentary Trilogy / 酒井耕和濱口龍介的紀綠片三部曲: 敘事的力量和傾聽的政治 - Ayako SAITO, 齊藤綾子
The Sharpest Ideology: That Reality Appeals to its Realisitc Character / 最尖銳的意識形態: 現實援引其自身的現實主義特質 - Alexander KLUGE
The New Left Within Heterotopia / 在異托邦里的新左翼 - CHAN Koonchung, 陳冠中
Tomorrow I will be a Painter / 明日畫家 - Hans-Christian DANY
10th Shanghai Biennale: Social Factory
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10th Shanghai Biennale: Social Factory, 第十屆上海雙年展: 社會工廠