'This book is a compilation of the 33 essays published in our monthly magazine Seoul Art Guide for the column 'Recommended Artists' between 2009 January and 2011 September. For the each instalment of writeups, art critics and curators were asked to select one artists whom they considered to stand out for his or her artistic potential and produce a short essay of the artist's works. THe 33 artists recommended and featured in this book are all up-and-coming talents of the local art scene, represntatives of Korean contemporary art.' - excerpt from the book cover.  

With artists' profiles and colour plates of their works.    
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Kang Young Min: The Image of the Human Being Alienated from the Society of Mass Consumption - LEE Soukyoun, 이수균
Kwon Suk Man: Reinterpretation of Mass and Volume - KIM Bokyoung
Kim Su Chul: The Shining Black in a Slow Drift - KIM Sungho
Kim Seung Young: Perambulating through Sense and Contemplation - KIM Youngsoon, 김영순
Kim Young Hun: Reality, the Unsettling Charm: Kim Young Hun's Electronic Cloud - PARK Tcheonnahm, 박천남
Kim Yun Kyung: Work of Consistency through Diverse Experiment - CHUN Youngpaik, 전영백
Kim Joo Hyun: Expanding from Post-Minimalism to Eco-Feminism - KIM Honghee, b. 1948, 김홍희
Kim Jun: New Painterly Expression in Tattoo and New Media Art - YOO Jaekil, 유재길
Kim Hak Lyang: Humanistic Gestures Led by the Discourse of Tradition - KIM Hyunsook, 김현숙
Kim Hong Shik: From the City Observer to the Interpreter - CHO Eunjung, 조은정
Kelvin Kyung Kun Park: Choenggyecheon Medley, the Modern Pain and Fatigue Seen Through the Cycle of Metal - KIM Baikgyun, 김백균
Park Dae Cho: Expression of Eyes Inscribed on a Camera Angle - KIM Chonggeun, 金鐘根
Park Seoung Ran: Different Stories - LIM Changsub
Park Seong Whan: Scholarly Zeitgeist Delving into 'Transfer' - JUNG Youngmok
Park Ju Hyun: You Have No Choice but to Unclench Your Fist - KANG Sunhak, 강선학
Park Hyun Su: In Pursuit of the Potential of the Paradigm of Modernism - KIM Youngho, 김영호
Bae Jong Heon: In Love with Don Quixote Spanish-Needles Thistles - YOON Bummo, 윤범모
An Gyung Su: A Report on Humans and Civilizations, Recorded by Ambiguousness and Discomfort - KIM Sangcheol, 김상철
Ahn Sung Hee: Commentary Art Through Environmental Intervention with Non-formal Tendency - YOON Woohak, 윤우학
Oh Youn Seok: Converting to Shamanism: The Return of Colours and Forms - LEE Jiho
Oh In Hwan: Divulging the Identity through Social Context and Cultural Code - SONG Misook, 송미숙
Lee Man Na: The Depth of Landscape and the Depth of the Surface - PARK Youngtaik, 박영택
Lee Myoung Ho: The Photographer Who Uses the Earth as His Canvas - KIM Seunggon
Lee Seo Mi: An Inexhaustible Story-teller - SEO Sungrok, 서성록
Lee Won Ho: Action Free from All Thoughts and the Birth of Conceptual Space - CHOI Sunghun, 최승훈
Lee Im Ho:Typical Authentic Realism Art - SHIN Hangseop
Rhee Joo Hyeong: Reinstating the Body to Painting - LEE Sunyoung, 이선영
Yim Tae Kyu: Creation of the New Dimension by Breaking with Longstanding Conventions - OH Kwangsu, 오광수
Jeon Kang Ok: Gravity Sculpture: An Analogy of Unstable Life - KHO Chunghwan, 고충환
Dr. Jung: Humane Art through Laser Art - Park Rhaikyoung, 박래경
Choi Yeong Geol: Meticulous Reinterpretation of Past Achivements with the Contemporary Sense - HA Kyehoon, 하계훈
Hong Young In: Group Performances, Brown Flags and the Restoration of Time - CHOI Taeman, 최태만
Hong Ji Yoon: A Well-rounded Artist with a Sense of the New Generation - YOON Jinsup, 윤진섭
33 Korean Artists by 33 Best Critics
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33 Korean Artists by 33 Best Critics