This monograph traces Kwan Sheung Chi's artistic career from 2000 to 2009. Artist's biography, selected bibliography and index of works included.
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Guan shang zhi yi shu shi ye xiao nian dai ji

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Chapter headings
Chapter I: ...whose beauty I refuse to acknowledge; hypocritical sea...
Questions & Answers: Lui Chun Kwong on Kwan Sheung Chi
Chapter II: A few thousand years go by: one minute.
Forever A Star - Kwan Sheung Chi - Sipar Jiu
Chapter III: I use my genius to depict the delights of cruelty!
Chapter IV: if I slow down, he slows; if I run, he runs. I turn: nobody.
The Occupation and Career of the Hong Kong Artist

- KWAN Sheungchi, 關尚智

Coining ''Infutility'': Some Thoughts on the Art of Kwan Sheung Chi

- Valerie C. DORAN, 任卓華

Chapter V: They learned to soften hearts, to attract attention, to pester.
Rethinking futility, or an arrogant failure

- CHOW Szechung, 周思中

Chapter VI : But the nameless, the anonymous.
The Golden Touch

- CHOW Chunfai, 周俊輝

Chapter VII: There is a cathedral that goes down and a lake that goes up.
Read while looking up from my book

- KWAN Sheungchi, 關尚智

The Work of Kwan Sheung Chi in the Age of Genetic Reproduction and Social Injustice

- LAW Manlok, 羅文樂

Chapter VIII: No matter. Try again. Fail again.
'Sorry, do I count as an undercover?'- from an economics betrayal to politics failure

- LAU Kinwah Jaspar, 劉建華

A Brief Chronicle of Kwan Sheung Chi's Artistic Career
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A Brief Chronicle of Kwan Sheung Chi's Artistic Career, 關尚智藝術事業小年代記