The original Chinese version of the book was first published in 2006. The present English version, translated by Bruce Gordon Doar, is based on the revised Chinese edition of the book published in 2009. 

This book represents the first comprehensive historical study of Chinese art to cover the beginnings of modernization in the mid-nineteenth century through the myriad periods of development and transformation of the twentieth century and beyond, encompasses the art-historical narrative of the last one-hundred-and-fifty years.  Based on extensive research and drawing on a wealth of visual documentation, the book chronicles this period in a thorough and critical manner, providing readers with a comprehensive framework from which to build an understanding of Chinese art in the 20th century and into the 21st.

Please note that the first and revised Chinese editions of the book, published in 2006 and 2009 respectively, are also available in the library with the same location code.
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A History of Art in Twentieth-Century China

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Chapter headings
Western Influence After the Opium War
Fine Arts Revolution
The Intellectual Background and Emergence of Chinese-Style Painting
Guohua and New Guohua: Art in the Exchange of Cilvilizations
Schools and Societies
Realism, Controversies, and Painters
Modernists Art, Intellectual Trends, and Encounters
Left-Wing Fine Arts: Modernism's Political Orientation
The Art and Ideology of Yan'an
Art in KMT-Ruled Areas
1949-1958: Art in the Period of Social Recovery and Construction
The Influence of Soviet Socialist Realism and the Transition to the 'Two-In-One Combination'
The Transformation of Guohua and Painters in the Traditional Chinese Style
Class Struggle and the Art of the Cultural Revolution Period
The Continuing Advance of Modernism: 1950-1979
Scar Art and the Life-Stream
The Revolution in Form, the Stars Incident and Modernism
The '85 Ideological Trend and the Phenomenon of Art Groups
Important Groups and Artists
The Origins of the 'Grand Soul' and the Birth of the 'Free Artist'
New Art and Artists
The Beginnings of the Market and the Shift to International Standards
New Literati Painting and Experimental Ink and Wash
Art Within Pluralist Structures
The Art of the New Century
A History of Art in 20th-Century China
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A History of Art in 20th-Century China


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