This publication documents the history and development of performance art in China since 1985 through text and photographs. Divided into eight sections, Wen Pulin, the editor maps out the terrain for the study of this particular art form. Brief description of each section and the artists involved are included.

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1. New Trend Behaviour: Central Fine Art Institute Carnival

1. New Trend Behaviour: Liu Xinghua and etc

1. New Trend Behaviour: Concept 21

1. New Trend Behaviour: Wei Guangqing

1. New Trend Behaviour: Wang Deren

1. New Trend Behaviour: Sun Liang; Li Xianting and etc

2. Grand Earthquake: Wrap up Great Wall

2. Grand Earthquake: Sheng Qi

2. Grand Earthquake: Concept 21

2. Grand Earthquake: Mou Sen

2. Grand Earthquake: Xu Bing

2. Grand Earthquake: Zhang Mingwei

2. Grand Earthquake: Zhang Mingjuan

2. Grand Earthquake: Rock Night

3. No-Turn: Xiao Lu and Tang Song

3. No-Turn: Zhang Nian

3. No-Turn: Wang Deren

4. Sun 100: New History

4. Sun 100: Ren Jian

4. Sun 100: Liang Xiaochuan

4. Sun 100: Zhou Xiping

4. Sun 100: Ye Shuanggui

4. Sun 100: Sun Ping

4. Sun 100: Zou Jianping

4. Sun 100: Mao Anlong

4. Sun 100: (SHS) Hua Jiming

4. Sun 100: (SHS) Xu Jian

4. Sun 100: (SHS) Hu Yuanhua

4. Sun 100: (SHS) Liu Gangshun

4. Sun 100: (SHS) Lanzhou Army Group

5. Beijing East Village: Zhang Huan

5. Beijing East Village: Zhu Ming

5. Beijing East Village: Ma Liuming

5. Beijing East Village: Cang Xin

6. Return to Contemporary: (719) Dai Guangyu

6. Return to Contemporary: (719) Liu Chengying

6. Return to Contemporary: (719) Zeng Xun

6. Return to Contemporary: (719) Yu Ji

6. Return to Contemporary: (719) Yin Xiaofeng

6. Return to Contemporary: (719) Zhu Gang

6. Return to Contemporary: (719) Zhou Bin

6. Return to Contemporary: Luo Zidan

6. Return to Contemporary: Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen

7. Every-day-life: Zhu Fadong

7. Every-day-life: Wang Jingsong

7. Every-day-life: Xiao Hong

7. Every-day-life: Wang Youshen

7. Every-day-life: Hei Shanyang

7. Every-day-life: Liang Juhui

7. Every-day-life: Lin Yilin

7. Every-day-life: Song Dong

7. Every-day-life: Wang Jin

7. Every-day-life: San Mao

7. Every-day-life: Li Wake

7. Every-day-life: Huang Yan

7. Every-day-life: Jin Feng

7. Every-day-life: Liang Yue

7. Every-day-life: Cai Qing

7. Every-day-life: Liu Fenghua

8. Coming to New Era: Liu Xinhua

8. Coming to New Era: Zhang Nian

8. Coming to New Era: Sheng Qi

8. Coming to New Era: Zhang Dali

8. Coming to New Era: Wang Mai

8. Coming to New Era: Wang Chuyu

8. Coming to New Era: Chen Guang

8. Coming to New Era: Shen Yun

8. Coming to New Era: Song Dong

1. New Trend Behaviour: Xiamen Da Da

1. New Trend Behaviour: Southern Salon

1. New Trend Behaviour: Song Yonghong and Song Yongping

Action in China: Performance Art from 1980s to 1990s
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Action in China: Performance Art from 1980s to 1990s, 中國行動:八十年代到九十年代的行為藝術




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Petra Poelzl | 天高皇帝遠

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China-Japan Performance Art Exchange Project 2
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