'Action Script Round-table Seminars' is part of a series of programmes entitled 'Action Script - Symposium on Performance Art Practice and Documentation in Asia' which includes, in addition to the round-table seminars, live performances, artist talk, workshop and material display. The series of event is held in Hong Kong in October 2010 and organised by Asia Art Archive in collaboration with the Centre for Community Cultural Development. The two-day round-table seminars is held from 21 to 22 October 2010 at McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Art Centre. It consists of two parts: 1. The Challenge of Archiving Performance Art; 2. The Future of Performance Art in Asia. Each part includes both panel presentation and group discussion. The present publication includes synopsis, keywords, suggested readings and brief biography of each speaker of the seminars.

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Part I: The Challenge of Archiving Performance Art

Art 'after' Performance: Extensions of Performance into Media and Culture - Thomas J. BERGHUIS

The Future of Past Performances: Unstable Documents and Preserving the Behaviours of Event Based Artworks - Paul CLARKE

Between Tragedy and Farce: the Performance Archive - Ray LANGENBACH

Performance Art as Reflection of Contemporary Culture and Social History - Farah WARDANI

Artist, Researcher and Something In-between - wen yau, 魂游

Martha Wilson: Staging the Self (Transformations, Invasions, and Pushing Boundaries) - Martha WILSON

Part II: The Future of Performance Art in Asia

As if Asia + Topia was Just a Thought - Chumpon APISUK, จุมพล อภิสุข

Future Performance Art in Myanmar - Aye Ko

Say Goodbye to the Future, There is No Tomorrow - LEE Wen, 李文

Performance Art by A11 - MOK Chiuyu, 莫昭如, yuenjie MARU / 丸仔, 袁堅樑

Know Your Identity, Know Your History, Know Your Self. No Identity, No History, No Self - Yuan Mor'O OCAMPO

NIPAF, Its Future - Seiji SHIMODA, 霜田誠二

TIPAF as a Platform for Liberation of the Arts - WANG Molin, 王墨林

Why Do We Do Live Art in China? - SHU Yang, 舒陽

Action Script: Round-table Seminars
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Action Script: Round-table Seminars, 彳 亍:圓桌交流


Performance Art
館藏 | 主題



Image: Speaker Martha Wilson, Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., USA
行為藝術的存檔維艱 (上)
活動 | 彳 亍 ── 亞洲行為藝術之實踐與檔存

行為藝術的存檔維艱 (上)

2010年10月21日 (星期四)

Image:  The Future of Performance Art in Asia
展望亞洲行為藝術的發展 (上)
活動 | 彳 亍 ── 亞洲行為藝術之實踐與檔存

展望亞洲行為藝術的發展 (上)

2010年10月22日 (星期五)

Image:  The Future of Performance Art in Asia
展望亞洲行為藝術的發展 (下)
活動 | 彳 亍 ── 亞洲行為藝術之實踐與檔存

展望亞洲行為藝術的發展 (下)

2010年10月22日 (星期五)

彳 亍 ── 亞洲行為藝術之實踐與檔存

彳 亍 ── 亞洲行為藝術之實踐與檔存

2010年10月21至25日 (星期四至一)