According to Yi Mu, 'One of the greatest changes associated with 1995 was the shift from a single artistic support (that of painting) to a diversification into a variety of non-traditional artistic forms of expression.' China's social structure also went through fundamental changes since 1995, changes that took the form of a transition from a simple way of life to that of a mature pluralistic culture. And it is under such context when Lu Hao emerges as an influential artist in the international art scene. Featured in this monograph are Lu Hao's plexiglas sculptures, charcoal drawings and oil paintings. It also showcases his recent works, A Grain of Sand, A Strand of White Hair, and paintings from the Chang An Street series.

The present publication includes an interview with the artist by Li Xianting, and transcript of an academic roundtable on Lu Hao's works with artists such as Fan Dian, Fang Lijun and Feng Boyi. Artist biography is provided.
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Candy Covered Grenade

- HUANG Liaoyuan, 黃燎原

Li Xianting/Lu Hao
Lu Hao, The Post-95' Choice

- Yi Mu, 一木

Lu Hao, Beyond '95 - Academic Roundtable
After '95: Lu Hao's Works
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After '95: Lu Hao's Works, '95之后: 盧昊作品