'The municipal government of Anyang has executed "Anyang Art City 21," which is the first policy in the whole country since 2002, in order to transform Anyang into a beautiful and artistic city by systematic administration that promotes construction of excellent buildings satisfying aesthetic and functional standards. The continued efforts have been rewarded with improvements in the urban image and ennoblement of the city...

'The theme of Anyang Public Art Project is "Tipping the Balance," which expresses our will to the social public-ness that inspires creative imagination of art into the city calling for the active participation of all citizens, rather than mere arranging and installing artworks. Watch the evolution of Anyang as a generous and comfortable recreation ground and as an international attraction, making a new model of constructing a public park.' (p. 11)

In the First Anyang Public Art Project (APAP) of 2005, the city of Anyang invites 97 artists and artist groups to partake in a public art project that would transform the city. The catalogue features artists of diverse backgrounds, including Asian artists such as Teruya Yuken and Seung Ha Lee, and European artists such as Tess Jaray and Anri Sala, along with many others. Photographs of each artwork and artist statements are included, as well as essays and photographs of the APAP. 
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Urban Development and Art - 2005 Anyang Public Art Project (APAP)

- LEE Youngchul, 이영철

Modelli di Urbanizzazione Debole

- Anrea BRANZI

Bird View on Art, Public, and Urban Chaos


Creativity & Urban Planning


A Zone: Hospitality
Michael Kvium & Christian Lemmerz: the wake
Didier Fiuza Faustino: misfit tower
Anri Sala: uomoduomo
ELASTICO: Architeutis
Teruya Yuken: Anyang Road Sign Project 2005, October 14th, 15:35 I saw a UFO, Cut Down my trunk and make a boat, then you can sail away
Wang Du: mirage
B Zone: Allure
Honore d'O: The tears of the fish are falling in the water
Francesco Trabucco Associati: street furniture
Ko, Seung Uk: Wooden Fountain
Lee, Sang Soo: the rest
C Zone: Feast
Alvaro Siza: Anyang Pavilion
D Zone: Art
Tokyo Picnic Club: Grass on Vacation
Kengo Kuma: Paper Snake
Jeppe Hein: Dimensional Mirror Labyrinth Singing Bench
Gilbert Caty: Dancing Buddha
Wolfgang Winter & Berthold Horbelt: Anyang crate house
Lee, Seung Ha: Forest of Spirits
Andrea Branzi: Picnic Bench
Yi, Hwan Kwon: boy and girl
Lee, Seung Taek: the tail of dragon
Joo, Jae Hwan & Lee, Pil Ryul: solar energy tower
Ahn, Soo Yun & Oh, Se Whan: playground
Park, In Soo: Welcome Canopy
Park, Yoon Young: the shadow lake
Cesario Carena: monument agli uccelli
E Zone: Garden
CLIP: nap deck & turning point & forest road
Seo, Jung Kug & Kim Mee In: new species
MVRDV: anyang peak
Cheri Samba: monde des animaux
Hermann Maier Neustadt
F Zone: Pilgrim
Eko Prawoto: anyang shrine
Kim, Seung Young: space of memory
Helen Park: placeness / nonplaceness
Jean-Luc Vilmouth: discovery
G Zone: Play
Navin Rawanchaikul: romance pavilion, anyang story
Choi, Jeong Hwa: stone flower
Isao Hosoe, Kim, Jae Gwang: dragon bench
Kwon, Sun Kwan: a system of behavior
Choi, Sung Hun & Park, Sun Min: the paradise is burning
John Kormeling: billboard house
H Zone: Circulation
Acconci Studio: linear building up in the trees
I Zone: Pause
Chen, Dai Goang: eun ha soo
Hong, Young In: inflatable water tank
Tess Jaray: road design of the 1st street, Anyang
Artist's Garden
Emil Goh & Simon Horauf: design your own meditation pod
Sign board: changjak-haedangwha workshop
Moon Hyung Min: shooting (anyang resort version)
Kim Hee Sung: temporary exhibition space design
Lee, Kang Eun: memory
No Name No Shop: time & space application project
Johan Berard: timer, offices
Hiraki Sawa: going places sitting down (2004), eight minutes (2005)
Jun Nguyen Hatsushiba: happy new year
Carl Michael von Hausswolf: three waves of saying one
Arie Dyanto, Eko Nugtoho, Tri Wahyudi, Terra Bojraghosa: a box of heaven
Fabrice Gygi: le cube
Shin, Ho Guen: root
Park, Sin Ja: long bridge
Ahn, Sang Soo: changjak-haedangwha workshop
Kim, Yong Ik: dolmen plaza
Chon, Dong Wha: no city no art and time
Raymond Hahn: lost dream palace
J Zone: Purified Art
Sami Rintala: elements house
Hong, Myung Sup: door to nirvana
Olu Oguibe: okwu muo: seat for ala, anyanwu and the three virtuous monks
Anyang Public Art Project 2005: Tipping the Balance
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