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The Art of Mu Xin - Jonathan GOODMAN
Womanifesto 2001 - Brian MERTENS
Painting over the Lines: Contemporary art from Pakistan - Gregory GALLIGAN
Got Cyber: Nokia Singapore Art 2001 - Lucy DAVIS
Vivian Sundaram: Re-take of Amrita - Marianne BROUWER
2nd Fukuoka Asia Art Triennale - Robert J. FOUSER
2000 Gwangju Biennale - Joan KEE, 奇廷泫
Shanghai Childhood: Narelle Jubelin - Alexie GLASS
Koru! Koru! Koru!: The freewheelin’ Richard Killeen - Anna MILES
Chen Haiyan: Dream work - Claire ROBERTS, 羅清奇
Parking Lots; Shopping Malls and Contemporary Art in Bangkok - Sarah TUTTON
Leung Chi Wo’s Open City - HUPPATZ D.J.
Activist; Anarchist; Artist: Vasan Sitthiket - Iola LENZI
The Installations of Lindy Lee - Adam GECZY
Gallery Profile: On Shore Art ; Victoria - John BARTLETT
Art Market: Asian Art auctions in New York; Hong Kong; Singapore and Jakarta - Iola LENZI
People and Places: Chinese Arts in the International Arena - Susan ACRET
Review: (France) On Kawara - Stephen HORNE
Review: (United States) Yuriko Yamaguchi - Kazuko NAKANE
Review: (Japan) Yoshitomo Nara - Takemi KURESAWA, 暮沢剛巳
Review: (United States) Flo Oy Wong - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Review: (Hong Kong) Chao Chung-Hsiang - David CLARKE, 祈大衛
Review: (United States) Making China - Jonathan GOODMAN
Review: (Tokyo) Mariko Mori - Benjamin GENOCCHIO
Review: (Vietnam) Meeting Point - David SPALDING, 丁達韋
Review: (United States) Huang Yong Ping - Jonathan GOODMAN
Review: (Hong Kong) Alfredo Esquillo and Norberto Roldan - Pamela KEMBER
Review: (New Zealand) Jewelled - Damian SKINNER
Review: (Malaysia) Redza Piyadasa - Ana P. LABRADOR
Review: (United States) Toshio Shibata - Collette CHATTOPADHYAY
Review: (Singapore) Shot in the Face - Iola LENZI
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ART AsiaPacific (No. 36; Oct/Nov/Dec 2002)