This publication, produced in partnership with Ocula, features interviews with key figures involved with Gillman Barracks, including artists, collectors and gallerists, alongside essays that survey Gillman Barracks, the Singapore art scene and beyond through various lenses. Includes a directory of the galleries at Gillman Barracks.

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On Luxury, Coolness and Jet Lag: Precarious Histories and Resurrected Futures in Gillman Barracks

- Hammad NASAR

Collectively Speaking: Some Reflections on Region and Art in Southeast Asia

- YAP Teckcheng June, 葉德晶

Gillman Barracks: Staying the Course

- Helmi YUSOF

Nikos Papastergiadis in conversation with Susan Acret: From Parafunctional Spaces to Spaces of the Curatorial

Hamra Abbas in conversation with Shona Mei Findlay: Lessons on Love

Abdul Abdullah in conversation with Mikala Tai: Leaving Clues

Miya Ando in conversation with Brienne Walsh: Traversing the Edge of a Forest

Mike HJ Chang in conversation with E Colic: The Middle is an Engine

Fyerool Darma in conversation with Syed Muhammad Hafiz: Resurrecting the Archipelago

Massimo Giannoni in conversation with Alice Russotti: Painting the Space Between Order and Chaos

Nathaniel Gunawan in conversation with Michael Lee: Don't be Scared

Lorenz Helbling in conversation with Robin Peckham: Bringing Continuity to Art

Frank Holliday in conversation with Tessa Moldan: Painting Beyond Borders

Khairuddin Hori in conversation with Anna Dickie: Boundaries and Provocations

indieguerillas in conversation with Elliat Albrecht & Aisha Johan: The Unlucky Generation

Zai Kuning in conversation with Elliat Albrecht: Searching for the Forgotten

Dawn Ng in conversation with Michael Lee: Rehearsals for the Final Farewell

Francis Ng in conversation with Louis Ho: A Bit of an Anomaly

Josef Ng in conversation with Qinyi Lim: The Relentless Yet Vulnerable Capital A for 'Art'

Nguan in conversation with Heman Chong: Let Me Feel Something

Pinaree Sanpitak in conversation with Susan Acret: The Meditative Body

Hiroshi Senju in conversation with Elliat Albrecht: No Need for Walls

Albert Yonathan Setyawan in conversation with Elliat Albrecht: Some Kind of Devotion

Hiromi Tango in conversation with Susan Acret: On Being Human

Yeesookyung in conversation with Elliat Albrecht: To Love Failed, Broken on Ephemeral Things

A walking conversation between Robert Zhao Renhui and Anca Rujoiu: Looking for the Banyan

Epilogue: The Book of Drafts (Part 2)

- Heman CHONG, 張奕滿
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