'How has Asia been imagined, represented and transferred both literally and visually across linguistic, geopolitical and cultural boundaries? This book explores the shifting roles of those who produce, critique and translate creative forms and practices, for which distinctions of geography, ethnicity, tradition and modernity have become fluid. Drawing on accounts of modern and contemporary art, film, literature, fashion and performance, it challenges established assumptions of the cultural products of Asia.
Special attention is given to the role of cultural translators or 'long-distance cultural specialists' whose works bridge or traverse different worlds, with the inclusion of essays by three important artists who share personal accounts of their experiences creating and showing artworks that negotiate diverse cultural contexts.' - from publisher's website.

Includes notes on contributors, and an index.
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Introduction: Images of Asia across Borders - Olivier KRISCHER, Morgan PERKINS, Fuyubi NAKAMURA, 中村冬日
Part I: Art, Location, and Travel
Asian Artists as Long-distance Cultural Specialists in the Foundation of Modernities - John CLARK, 姜苦樂
In and Out of Place: Tibetan Artists' Travels in the Contemporary Art World - Clare HARRIS
Imagining 'Asian' Aesthetics in Colonial Hanoi: The Ecole des Beaux-Arts de l'Indochine (1925-1945) - Phoebe SCOTT
Coming Home: How 'Re-entry' Shaped the Work of a Contemporary Woman Artist in Taiwan - Natalie SEIZ
Painting on Location: Lin Haizhong and Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting - Morgan PERKINS
Part II: Artists' Voices
Catching the Moment, One Step at a Time - Phaptawan SUWANNAKUDT
Lifting Words, Floating Words - Savanhdary VONGPOOTHORN
Typologic: Interactions between the Intellect and the Senses - Chihiro MINATO, 港千尋
Part III: Image, Representation, and Performance
Some Indian 'Views of India': The Ethics of Representation - Christopher PINNEY
Fragile Polyphony: Takeda Taijun's Longing for Asia through the Landscape of Shen Congwen - Barbara HARTLEY
Unframing the Nation: The Moving Image and its Parergon in Southeast Asia - David TEH
The 'Nationality' of Lolita Fashion - Masafumi MONDEN
The Impossibility of Performing 'Asia' - Catherine DIAMOND
Asia through Art and Anthropology: Cultural Translation Across Borders
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Asia through Art and Anthropology: Cultural Translation Across Borders


日本與中國當代藝術 — 1989至1993年

日本與中國當代藝術 — 1989至1993年

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