On the island of Naoshima off the coast of western Japan, Japanese architect Tadao Ando has built a spectacular structure comprised of basic geometric forms. Situated on cliffs overlooking the straits of Seto-Naikai, the building provides a congenial setting for the presentation of numerous masterpieces of artistic reduction, including several of Claude Monet's Water Lilies, sculptures by Walter de Maria, and light installations by James Turrell. This publication presents the building in photographs by Naoya Hatakeyama and Ryuji Miyamoto, showing both the construction site and the completed museum.
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Ambitious Dream - Nobuko FUKUTAKE
To Contemplate Living Well - Soichiro FUKUTAKE
Creating a Place for Aesthetic Experience - Yuji AKIMOTO, 秋元雄史
The Chichu Art Museum - Tadao ANDO, 安藤忠雄
Journey to the Origin - Hiroyuki SUZUKI, 鈴木広行
Feeling to Thought... - Walter DE MARIA
Walter De Maria's Universal Form - Yuji AKIMOTO, 秋元雄史
Speaking for the Light - James TURRELL
James Turrell - Sebastian GUINNESS
Monet's Water Lilies Odes to Nature, History, and the Human Spirit - Paul Hayes TUCKER
The Big Picture - Romy GOLAN
Chichu Art Museum: Tadao Ando Builds For Walter De Maria, James Turrell and Claude Monet
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Chichu Art Museum: Tadao Ando Builds For Walter De Maria, James Turrell and Claude Monet