This is the catalogue for the seminal exhibition 'China's New Art Post-1989', the first major collection of Chinese experimental art to exhibit outside of the country. It was first held in Hong Kong in 1993 and subsequently travelled to Australia and the United States.

The present catalogue offers an in-depth study of the various artistic undercurrents and general cultural sensibilities for the creation of experimental art in China during the late 1980s and the early 1990s, through contributions from a number of noted critics and art historians. The artists are placed and studied under various categories, namely 'Political Pop', 'Cynical Realism: Irreverence and Malaise', 'The Wounded Romantic Spirit', 'Emotional Bondage: Fetishism and Sado-Masochism', 'Ritual and Purgation: Endgame Art', and 'Spirit Introspection and Retreat into Formalism'.

As Chang Tsongzung, one of the curators of the exhibition, writes, 'The art of the Post-1989 period was significant as it characterised the spirit of the new decade, closing the chapter of the 1980s. It was important also for the fact that it presented to the world the first major coherent overview of China's experimental art scene, and has maintained a continuing dialogue ever since.'

Hanart TZ Gallery, the original publisher, has donated the publication rights of the book to Asia Art Archive. The present copy was republished in 2001, with an extended section on 'Performance Art in China' and a preface by Chang Tsongzung.

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Hou ba jiu zhong guo xin yi shu

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Introduction: Into the Nineties - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁

1989 and China's New Art Post-1989 - HO Hing Kay Oscar, 何慶基

Major Trends in the Development of Contemporary Chinese Art - LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

Brush-Strokes and the Party Line: Tensions between Artists and Officialdom in China - Michael SULLIVAN, 蘇立文

The Orthodox and the Avant-Garde: An Historical Examination - SHIH Shouchien, 石守謙

Modern Chinese Art - The Early Phase (1911-1949) - LANG Shaojun, 郎紹君

Building in a Gorge - LIU Xiaochun, 劉驍純

Towards the World: China's New Art 1989-93 - Nicholas JOSE

Choice and Opportunity: The Fate of Western Contemporary Art in China - YI Ying, 易英

Exploit; Export; Expropriate: Artful Marketing from China 1989-93 - Geremie R. BARME, 白杰明

Unrepentent Prodigal Sons: The Temper of Contemporary Chinese Art - LIAO Wen, 廖雯

The Problems of Chinese Artists Working Overseas - FEI Dawei, 費大為

Locating Creative Space - Francesca DAL LAGO

Waht You See Is Not What You Get: Chinese Painting after June 4 - Jeffrey HANTOVER

Interpretations - Eric Otto WEAR, 華立強

Illustrated Notes to Major Trends in the Development of Contemporary Chinese Art - LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

The 1985 New Wave Art Movement - GAO Minglu, 高名潞

China's New Art, Post-1989
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China's New Art, Post-1989, 後八九中國新藝術


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Shortlist | Exhibition as Site: Extended Case Study (China 1993)
推介館藏 | 展覽作為場域——案例研究(中國,1993年)

推介館藏 | 展覽作為場域——案例研究(中國,1993年)