Disc 1 contains the scanned images of page 1-333 of Chinese Artists of Today: Shang Yang, published by the Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House.

Disc 2 and Disc 3 contains images (eps. files) of the artist's works.

'Shang Yang's paintings always remind me of the words of the French poet Mallarme: 'Writing a poem is a fight between words and blank paper.' A piece of blank paper is just like a black hole which would absorb all weak words; Only those really powerful words could resist the absorbency and stand on the paper. As a result, a bad poem gives us a feeling that there's nothing on the paper whereas a great poem, even if it contains only a few words, could distract us away from the existence of the paper on which it is written. Shang Yang's paintings are just like such powerful words.' - Yu Hong.

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SHANG Yang, 尚揚

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Chinese Artist of Today: Shang Yang, 今日中國藝術家:尚揚