'Chittaprosad Bhattacharya was a major player in the rise of revolutionary popular art in India in the 1940s, whose iconic prints of people's resistance against foreign colonial power and the indigenous elite has become legendary. And yet, hardly any systematic work exists on this socially committed graphic artist. Therefore, Dr. Sanjoy Mallik's painstaking and well-researched study of Chittaprosad as an artist helps to close a deeply felt lacuna...' (Excerpt from 'foreword' by Partha Mitter, p.13) 

Authored by Sanjoy Kumar Mallik, this two-volume work offers a comprehensive overview of the self-taught artist Chittaprosad's life and a close analysis of his artistic style. The two volumes present a wide variety of Chittaprosad's artworks: selections from the controversial Hungry Bengal, the Ramayana series, political posters, photographs of his family and puppet theatre, and unpublished manuscripts. The artist's biography is also included. 

The two volumes were published to accompany the exhibition 'The Chittaprosad Retrospective' at Delhi Art Gallery (DAG), 2011. 
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Book I
Section One: The Backdrop - The Decade of the Nineteen-Forties
The Man-made 'Famine' in Bengal
Visualising the Famine
Chittaprosad, Hungry Bengal, and Sketches of the Famine
Other Artists' Responses to the Famine
Posters of the Oppressed Voice
Other Early Works
Section Two: The Nineteen-Fifties and Beyond
The Detached Line
A World in Colour
The Printmaker's Personality
Mirroring Faces
Of and for Children
Epic Tellings
Parallel Issues in the Arts of the Nineteen-Forties
The I. P. T. A. and Nabanna
'Post-Tagorean' Modernism in Bengali Literature
Transforming the Song Tradition in Bengal
Socially Responsive Art and Chittaprosad
Book II
Large Eyes and a Larger Appetite for Discussion - Sunil JANAH
The Genius of Chittaprosad - Kito BOER
Chittaprosad: A Passionate Detachment - Neville TULI
Famine Watch
The Language of Protest
The Painter as Humanitarian
Of and for Children
Celebrating Colour and Life
Reminiscences of Chittaprosad: In Conversation with Ing Fratisek Salaba
Chittaprosad: A Retrospective 1915-1978 | Books 1 & 2
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Chittaprosad: A Retrospective 1915-1978 | Books 1 & 2

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