'As the 21st century draws near, Asia's great cities are facing enormous change. We are witnessing the dawning of a new model of modernity, open to all types of cultural influences and carried by the tide of technological developments. This incredible boom has sparked off dramatic tensions in urban life. The blending of two different worlds, of East and West, into a hybrid culture is one of the major characteristics of these countries...Art is being produced in these cities with new force, energy and impetus. Contemporary creation has not only shown itself to be sensitive to social change, it is also contributing to the rise of a new form of modernity that affects all fields of creativity: film, video, architecture and the visual arts.' - excerpt from preface by Henry-Claude Cousseau, Director of the CAPC Musee of Contemporary Art. This catalogue also includes a preface by Werner Wurtinger, President of the Vienna Secession. Non-Asian participating artists include David D'heilly, Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Aglaia Konrad, Rem Koolhaas, Greg Lynn, Fiona Meadows, Frederic Nantois, and Rudi Molacek.

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Cities on the Move - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Singapore as Significant: Reading the Island City-State Amidst (Post) Modernity at Large - LEE Wengchoy, 李永財
On Hong Kong Architecture - Desmond HUI, 許焯權
Takeshi Kitano Interview for Cities on the Move - Takeshi KITANO, 北野武
Times and Castrations - Paokun KUO
Generic Asian Modernity Fable One: The Long March - Kayoko OTA
Fable Two: The Great Leap Forward - Kayoko OTA
Fable Three: Perpetual Revolution - Kayoko OTA
Contemporary Vernacular: An Architectural Option in a Pluralistic World - William LIM, 林偉而
Diversity and Contradiction: Contemporary Chinese Cities and Architecture - WANG Mingxian, 王明賢
Global Kampung - William J. MITCHELL
Death and Destruction in Bangkok - Jonathan NAPACK
Hong Kong: Strategic Site/ New Frontier - SASSEN Saskia
Asian Futures and the Paradoxes of Urban Life in India - Ravi SUNDARAM
Interview with Ueno Toshiya - Krystian WOZNICKI
Cities on the Move
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Cities on the Move