'The Chicago-based public art program "Culture in Action" addressed such pressing urban issues as minority youth leadership and gang violence, HIV/AIDS caregiving, public housing, multicultural demographics and neighborhood, achievements by women, labor and management relations, and ecology. "Culture in Action" took place from 1992 through 1993 and was organized by Sculpture Chicago, a decade-old visual arts organization that specializes in unique public art and education programs.[...]Through documentation and critical essays by Mary Jane Jacob, Michael Brenson, and Eva M. Olson, this book expands on the underlying concepts and evolving realities of "Culture in Action." The reader is invited to discover nothing less than a redefinition of public art.' - from front flap
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New Art, New Audiences: Experiments in Public Art - Eva M. OLSON

Healing in Time - Michael BRENSON

Outside the Loop - Mary Jane JACOB

Eight Projects - Mary Jane JACOB

Full Circle: Suzanne Lacy and a Coalition of Chicago Women

Tele-Vecindario: Inigo Manglano-Ovalle and Steet-Level Video

Flood: Haha and Flood - A Volunteer Network for Active Participation in Healthcare

Naming Others: Manufacturing Yourself - Robert Peters with Mushroom Pickers, Ghosts, Frogs, and other Others

The Chicago Urban Ecology Action Group: Mark Dion and the Chicago Urban Ecology Action Group

We Got It! The Workforce Makes the Candy of Their Dreams: Simon Grennan, Christopher Sperandio, and The Bakery, Confectionery and Tobacco Workers' International Union of America Local No. 552

Eminent Domain: Kate Ericson, Mel Ziegler, and A Resident Group of Ogden Courts Apartments

Consequences of a Gesture and 100 Victories | 10,000 Tears: Daniel J. Martinez and The West Side Three-Point Marchers

Culture in Action
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Culture in Action


藝術人生課#3:Suzanne Lacy與吳瑪悧 | 工多藝熟
活動 | 藝術人生課

藝術人生課#3:Suzanne Lacy與吳瑪悧 | 工多藝熟

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