Excerpt from Inward Gazes: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art 2012, The Macao Museum of Art, Macau S.A.R., 2012, p. 58: 'My work has always focused on the torment and struggle of our souls that lies behind China's legendary leapfrog development in modernisation. This complex experience of intertwined hope and destruction is something that is unique to China. The concept of epidemiology utilises both pathology and sociology; it is both individual and social. Each generation faces a different predicament, and I hope to present these complex 'epidemiological' reports.

Only the visual encoding that unfolds problems is truly valuable. I have my own visual system, and I am continuously unfolding the trajectory of my own work. Resistance is art too. The issue of demolition for artists is different from that for normal residents; we change our own ways of living. There is a difference between a 'carefree life' and a 'war'. When we use our bodies as a medium, as in the collective performance art titled Daydream, every participant — from children to adults — was solemn and devoted. This requires courage. We must unite, and then we'll really come to know the meaning of 'finding true sentiments in a disaster'.'

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Bai Ri Meng

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Daydream, 白日夢