'Lantau is a place away from the ordinary city life of Hong Kong. There are indigenous inhabitants as well as wanderers from many parts of the world. People on the island here seem to hold their own beliefs - including the 1897-born Fujian monk at The Trappist Haven Monastery, a maker of guitars for internationally renowned musicians, an old farmer who has led an eco-friendly lifestyle long before the LOHAS trend, a Chinese medical practitioner collecting herbs from the mountains, an English botanist…

Driving Lantau: a whisper of an island attempts to document these lives and reconstruct the various perspectives of Lantau over the past few decades, with photography, interviews, text and video. Most of the still images were taken between 1995 and 2004, and most of the video from 1998 – 1999.' - from publisher's website.
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Da shan yu ren

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羅文.科士打爵士非常機場之旅 A Tour of the Extraordinary with Sir Norman Foster

看海.盜的日子 Looking at the Sea, Pirate Days

何師奶的五色彩虹 The Techni-colour rainbow of Old Auntie Ho

炳嫂話日本仔 Granny Bing Sou and the Japanese

青天白 滿窩紅 Blue Sky Sans White Sun, Mui Wo Turns Red

袁哲之話說神槍手阿爺 Yuen Chit Chi My Granpa was a Legendary Marksman

電郵: 回覆神樂院探訪 Email: Monastery Visit

院長趙本篤神父 大嶼山開荒記 Dominus Benedict Chao Building a New Lantau

高師謙神父 養生七不七心 Father Nicolaus Kao The Simple Life

'電郵修士'提奧.楊 從聯合國到神學院難民 Brother 'Email' Theophane Young From UNHCR to 'Refugee' Monk

電郵: 千禧祝福! Email: Felicitations!

阿瑟.赫加勳爵 垃圾蟲及其最後殖民遺子 Arther Hacker MBE Lap Sap Chung and its Last Colonial Legacy

女皇不見了 The Queen is Missing

盧亭史實 The History of Lo Ting

艾倫.阿伯拉罕斯 國際特赦組織和迪士尼 Alan Abrahams Amnesty International and Disneyland

愚人船 新世紀運動 Ship of Fools New Century Movement

領土無遮無掩 The Naked Territories

何來與懷胎跳舞 Ho Loy Dances with Pregnancy

雨水/日日春 Rainwater/Every day Spring

大嶼山晨曲/夜眺赤鱲角 Song for Lantau Morning/Chek Lap Kok by Night

一個島嶼的記憶 Memories of an Island

說話的能力 The Power of Speech

廁所吧藍調 Toilet Bar Blues

一個北京自由行, 重回失樂園 Beijing Freedom Tour, Back to Paradise Lost

Driving Lantau: Whisper of an Island
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Driving Lantau: Whisper of an Island, 大山與人