Event Documentation: Philippines: June 2007
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Images taken from the exhibitions in the Philippines in June 2007:

1. 'Angels and Goddesses'. Exhibition by Agnes Arellano and Duddley Diaz at Galleria Duemila. 9 June - 1 July 2007. (Image 1-17)

2. Dime A Dozen Exhibition at the Lopez Museum. 7 June - 22 Sept 2007. (Image 18-56)

3. 'Most Beautiful Memories Are Those From Childhood'. Exhibition by Geraldine Javier at Finale Art File, SM Megamall. (Image 57-65)

4. 'KKK: Photographs by Kidlat, Kawayan and Kabunyan De Guia' at Silverlens Gallery. 12 - 30 June 2007. (Image 66-89)

5. 'Fearful Symmetries'. Exhibition by Ronald Achacoso at West Gallery, SM Megamall. (Image 90-96)

6. Tommy Hafalla's Talk at Silverlens Gallery. 16 June 2007. (Image 97-106)

7. 'Reality Sandwiches'. Exhibition by Wire Tuazon at The Art Center, SM Megamall. Presented by Finale Art File. 8 - 24 June 2007. (Image 107-152)

Photos by AAA: Ringo Bunoan

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Event Documentation: Philippines: June 2007

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