'Written by some of India's best-known critics and scholars of contemporary art, the articles trace the presence of women on the Indian art scene from the early initiative of Amrita Sher-Gil in the 1930s to the artists of the 1990s. The fifteen painters, sculptors, and graphic artists featured here have been instrumental in carving out a "feminine space" in Indian art. They reflect the historical impulses of each decade: of nationalism and independence, the thrust towards modernism and feminism, and the questioning of the role of women in Indian myth and social archetypes.' (Excerpt from front flap)

Over 130 illustrations accompany the essays. Brief biographies of the critics included. 
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Gayatri SINHA

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Introduction - Gayatri SINHA
On Amrita Sher-Gil: Claiming a Radiant Legacy - Nilima SHEIKH
Devayani Krishna: The Fire of God - Keshav MALIK
Pilloo Pochkhanawala: Disharmony and Inner Mechanics - Anahite CONTRACTOR
Meera Mukherjee: Recasting the Folk Form - Tapati GUHA-THAKURTA
Nasreen Mohamedi: Dimensions out of Solitude - Geeta KAPUR
Arpita Singh: Of Mother Goddesses and Women - Yashodhara DALMIA
Anjolie Ela Menon: Images and Techniques - Rupika CHAWLA
Madhvi Parekh: Child's World, Mother's Fantasy - Pranabranjan RAY
Anupam Sud: The Ceremony of Unmasking - Geeti SEN
Nilima Sheikh: Human Encounters with the Natural World - Mala MARWAH
Gogi Saroj Pal: 'Between Myth and Reality' - Uma NAIR
Nalini Malani: 'Memory Stress and Recall' - Kamala KAPOOR
Latika Katt: Towards Dematerialisation of Material - Amit MUKHOPADHYAY
Navjot: Of Response and Responsibility - Chaitanya SAMBRANI
Arpana Caur: Confronting Womanhood - Gayatri SINHA
Expressions and Evocations: Contemporary Women Artists of India
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Expressions and Evocations: Contemporary Women Artists of India


Shortlist | Women in the Visual Arts in India and South Asia: Some Partial Maps
推介館藏 | 視覺藝術中的女性在印度、南亞︰局部圖譜
藝文 | 館藏推介

推介館藏 | 視覺藝術中的女性在印度、南亞︰局部圖譜

推介館藏系列邀來特約作者精選出亞洲藝術文獻庫的各類書刊及藏品,並為書單撰寫簡介。以下館藏推介由 Rakhee Balaram 編撰,主題為印度和南亞視覺藝術中的女性。 (只提供英文版)

Shortlist | India
推介館藏 | 印度
藝文 | 館藏推介

推介館藏 | 印度

有關印度當代藝術的各個面向 (只提供英文版)