Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition 'Hardcore Rally with Hantoo Art Group' held at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts from 25 February to 4 June 2017.

'Established in 1998, the Hantoo Art Group has a history spanning 19 years, and has been in development over the course of 35 years, previously as 101 Modern Art Group, Taipei Progressive Art Group, Ban-Niao Art Group, New Painting-Art Alliance and Taipei Art Group. The trend of forming painting associations and art groups in 80s' gave way to the rise of alternative spaces and individualism in the 90s'. While other art collectives gradually disbanded, the Hantoo Art Group reassembled in the midst of rising individualism, and attempted to stimulate a collective energy through continued exhibition.'-excerpt from curatorial statement.

This catalogue includes a curatorial statement, essays discuss the historical background of Hantoo Art Group and the development of Taiwan's contemporary art, colour plates of 14 individual artists' works with artwork descriptions. A list of display works, brief artists' biographies, and a chronology of Hantoo Art Group are also included.

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Hardcore Rally with Hantoo Art Group: a Collective Outlook, Historical Return, and Communal Contemporaneity

- Yuling CHOU, 周郁齡

Art Should Be Something that People Can Get To Know: 20 Years of Hantoo Art Group

- CHIEN Tzuchieh, 簡子傑

Carrying the Weight of Creating a Constantly Changing World on One's Back—Considering Hantoo Art Group's Exhibitions via 'Mnemosyne Atlas'

- TSAI Mingjiun, 蔡明君
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Hardcore Rally with Hantoo Art Group, 硬蕊/悍圖