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Hiding - Case Study on the New Media Art and Folk Experiment | 藏-新媒體藝術與民間實驗的個案研究 - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Return to Folk | 重新回到民間 - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Life is Education, Society is University | 生活即教育,社會即大學 - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Liang Shaoji: the Art and Science in the New Situation | 梁紹基:面向藝術與科學的新界面 - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Dialogue between Artist and Curator | 藝術家與策展人的對話 - LIANG Shaoji, 梁紹基
Shi Jindian-Real Space and Virtual Agravity | 師進滇-真實的空間,虛擬地失重
Material, Skill and Modernization - The Other Side of Works by Shi Jindian | 物,手藝與現代性-師進滇創作的另一個面向 - LU Mingjun, 魯明軍
Confusion as the Normal Life | 困惑是生命的常態 - SHI Jindian, 師進滇
Nibble: Sun Furong's the Other People | 蠶食:孫芙蓉的'他者們' - LIU Zhibin, 劉智彬
Bones Fractured Clother - Interview with Sun Furong | 被剪斷筋的衣服-孫芙蓉訪談
Nibbled Hearts by Age | 心靈被蠶食的時代 - SUN Furong, 孫芙蓉
Gate of Hell - Lotus and Mud in Life | 奈何橋-生命的蓮花與泥巴 - LIU Xun, 劉洵
Bright Stage and Silent Reality - Analysis to Wen Peng's Monodrama Fragments | 顯靈的舞台與潛藏的現實 - 解析文鵬'獨角戲'的恍忽碎片 - LIU Xun, 劉洵
Amnesia as an Attitude | 失憶是一種態度 - WEN Peng, 文鵬
Hiding: New Media Art and Folk Experiment
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Hiding: New Media Art and Folk Experiment, 藏:新媒體藝術與民間實驗