'Enter the world of manhua and enter an exotic world of political satire, kung-fu fighters, and sexy teenage anime. With more than 1000 illustrations, Hong Kong Comics is the first overview of the colorful, immediate, and always-captivating universe of Chinese manhua and Japanese manga - broad terms that include cartoons, comics, and picture story books. The growing interest in these fascinating illustrations comes both from a desire for increasingly exotic forms of entertainment and from an ever-increasing curiosity about the artistic and cultural traditions of their originating countries. In this lavishly illustrated tome, Wendy Siuyi Wong traces the art form of manhua from its beginnings in the early twentieth century to its most influential contemporary practitioners and, in the process, reveals the development of a unique Hong Kong style. She examines a wide variety of comics (each with an English annotation), from satirical political cartoons to lighthearted funny papers, from children's stories to action-filled martial art works, bringing to the reader - whether illustrator or comic book fan - an encyclopedic look at this undiscovered and rich world of graphic art.' (Excerpt from the front cover)

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Hong Kong Comics: A History of Manhua
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Hong Kong Comics: A History of Manhua