Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2007 is composed of two sections, 'Essays' and 'Chronicles'; the former is made up of essays by academic experts who draw comprehensive commentaries while focusing on selective local visual arts events; while the latter gathers and catalogues all types of visual arts events of the year.

Please note that the section 'Chronicles' is included in the accompanying CD (CD.000978). 

The online version of the yearbook is available at http://www.hkvisualartsyearbook.org/

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Xiang gang shi jue yi shu nian jian 2007

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Retrospection of a Decade - Development of Museums in Hong Kong - TANG Raymond, 鄧民亮
An Overview of the Transitions Undergone by Major Art Exhibition Venues during the Last Decade - LEUNG Chin Fung Jeff, 梁展峰
Attempting a History of (New) Media Arts for Hong Kong: Archaeology, Literacy and Education for Artists - LAI Chiuhan Linda, 黎肖嫻
The Accidental Pioneer - Hugh Mackay, Purportedly the Earliest Photographer in Hong Kong - LAI Kinkeung Edwin, 黎健強
Skirting the Borders: A Preliminary Sketch on the Issue of Gender in Hong Kong Art - KOON Yeewan, 官綺雲
Thinking Backwards - Notes on Art Tamed and Contained (in Both Senses of the Term) - YEUNG Yang, 楊陽
Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2007
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Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2007, 香港視覺藝術年鑑2007


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